Datavideo, 35 years of live AV

Datavideo, 35 years of live AV

This year Datavideo are not only celebrating their 35th birthday but also their 35th year producing equipment for live events and AV productions. Part of this year’s celebrations is a competition asking their loyal customers to share a selfie of themselves with their favourite Datavideo product on Facebook or Instagram. The winner chosen each month from the posts with most likes will receive one of the following product prizes an SE-650 switcher, PTC-140 PTZ camera or DAC-70 up down cross converter. 

New and key Datavideo products featured on this year’s stand will be:

HS-3200 is Datavideo’s most advanced mobile studio for live events, conferences and sports with streaming and recording built in. This 12 input, completely customisable full HD studio also boasts computer graphics scaling on its HDMI and 3G SDI inputs reducing the need for external converters. With an integrated 17” monitor and 3pin XLR audio connections set up is both quick and easy. HS-3200 has a huge internal still image and video clip store, four chromakey channels as well as an eight, yes, eight picture in picture layout. Add free Windows based CG Titling software plus two downstream Keyers and you can see why it is considered the flagship of Datavideo’s current mobile switcher line up.

KMU-200 is Datavideo’s follow up to its award winning KMU-100 virtual PTZ system. The KMU-200 also takes the idea of 4 virtual HD regions of interest from a single 4K camera and adds to this touch screen control, switching, PC input, RTMP streaming and SD card recording features.  Designed for live panel discussions, live multi-guest interviews and social media outreach events it has an ability to conform to landscape video or mobile phone portrait video configurations as seen with Instagram and Periscope.

Datavideo KMU-200

PTR-10 is Datavideo’s robotic PTZ platform for almost any camera including Datavideo’s own block camera line up. Offering power, IP, RS232 and RS422 integration options this could be the answer for converting your current mini cameras and camcorders into remote PTZ controlled cameras for your next live conference event.

CAP-2 is Datavideo’s newest addition for 1080p plug and play HDMI to USB 3.0 capture. Small, cheap and light weight it allows high quality video sources like existing HD cameras and video switchers to be seen and streamed by unified communications systems and laptops. All at very little cost!

For more information on the above products keep watching Holdan’s YouTube channel here. 

To book a guided Datavideo ISE stand tour please email here.

For more information on these products please call us or follow the links below.

Datavideo HS-3200
Datavideo HS-3200

12-Channel HD Portable Video Streaming Studio

Datavideo PTR-10
Datavideo PTR-10

Robotic Pan Tilt Head

Datavideo CAP-2
Datavideo CAP-2

HDMI to USB 3.0 Capture Box

Datavideo KMU-200
Datavideo KMU-200

Live Switching, Streaming, Audio Mixing and Camera Control

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Over ons

Als onderdeel van de Midwich Group, distribueert Holdan toonaangevende merken in de broadcast- en videomarkt, van Panasonic tot Datavideo en Teradek. Wij distribueren producten exclusief aan gespecialiseerde verkoopkanalen.


Ons ervaren team van specialisten en technici staat klaar om onze klanten de allerbeste technische ondersteuning en reparaties te bieden, mocht dit nodig zijn.


We zijn trots op de hechte relaties die we hebben opgebouwd met universiteiten, scholen en hogescholen. Als value-add distributeur hebben we een speciaal team om hen te ondersteunen, van het projectconcept tot de voltooiing.


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